Aleksandar Škoric Saša

Alberta University of the Arts, BFA,
Calgary, Canada

Saša is not a designer, nor a cook, yet he loves to design and eat. He works across multiple disciplines including textile design, illustration and graphic design. He established Saša Design in Tokyo where he lived from 2004 to 2010 and this is where he started creating his wondrous paper masks.

Recently he started showing disgust with everything digital for kids and is working on getting kids dirty again and, to instead of fingering tablets kids get back to fingering paper, paint, paper, wood and other materials.

Believing the good old one, ‘be the change you want to see in the world, he creates countless creative workshops for all ages incorporating different themes, such as social and environmental issues.

Say hey hey and drop him a line at sasa(at)

Selected Clients

Lade Clothing, Japan
Luke Black, Serbia
FUMAÇA Music, Brazil
Grand Marnier, Japan
Seven Jeans for All Man Kind, Japan
Mid Atlantic, Canada
Tokyo International Players, Japan
Art Biotop, Japan
Zoran Dobric, Canada
Dolly Sillito, Canada
Le Baron Tokyo, Japan
Little Steps, Japan
Oliver Miguel, Canada
Oxfam Japan, Japan
Pangea Seed, Japan

Art Residencies

2018 Artbiotop, Nasu, Japan
2016 återSKAPA Reuse, Malmö, Sweden
2015 STPLN Creative Centre, Malmö, Sweden
2014 Graphic Art Colony, Prolom Banja, Serbia
2009 Artbiotop “Nursery for future Art”, Nasu, Japan


2018 Artbiotop, Nasu, Japan
2018 Youplaboum, Brusseles, Belgium
2015 återSKAPA, Malmö, Sweden
2014 Kids Home Ljubica Ivezic, Sarajevo, Bosnia
2014 Petnica Science Centre, Valjevo, Serbia
2013 Kids patch Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Kids patch Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Remake Festival, Zajecar, Serbia
2011 Remake Festival, Belgrade, Arandjelovac, Serbia
2008 Deutsche Schule Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan
2004 2010 Lucky Clovers, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibitions

2015 48th Golden Pen of Belgrade, International Biennial of Illustration, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 Kammer 36 Art Gallery, Bremen, Germany
2015 I am the museum. National Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Sarajevo, Bosnia
2015 Liceulice. Ulicna Gallery. Belgrade, Serbia
2015 Psihodermija. Art Hall-Politika. Belgrade, Serbia
2015 Inspirishi me. STAB Gallery. Belgrade, Serbia
2014 Iz dobrih razloga. Socially responsibility. Liceulice. Ulicna Gallery. Belgrade, Serbia
2014 Petnica Science center exhibition at Serbian Academy of Arts & Science. Belgrade, Serbia
2014 New Wave Project. Busplus Gallery. Belgrade, Serbia
2014 Vreva. Belgrade Street Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 100 Sarajevo. Travelling exhibition. Sarajevo, Bosnia, Marseille, France, New York, USA
2012 International Spring Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics, Berlin, Germany
2012 J.Hadzifejzovic Show. Mikser Festival Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Until the end. International Spring Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics, Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Art House CO-OP Brooklyn Library. New York, USA
2011 100% Future Serbia. Belgrade Design Week, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 Bringstarz. plsmis Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
2009 Traces. Rooftops Gallery. Berlin, Germany
2009 4 Windows Project. International Street Gallery, Venice, Italy
2007 Salon des Arts. Osheaga Festival. Montreal, Canada
2002 ACAD Group Show. Illingworth Kerr Gallery. Calgary, Canada

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Cleric Alphanumeric, Prostor Gallery, Banja Luka, B&H
2015 Kajfešov Brijeg Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 Malmö Chokladfabrik Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
2014 Kalendar, Parobrod Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 Folk Elemental, Lade Gallery, Tochigi, Japan
2008 Showorn, mememachine Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


The Hedonist magazine, New York, USA
GRAPHIS, Photography Annual, New York, USA
Liceulice, Social entrepreneurship issue, Belgrade, Serbia
World of Shorts, Berlinale Festival,  Berlin, Germany
Until the end, The International Spring Summit of Cheap Laser graphics, Belgrade, Serbia
Territory, Issue 9, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Print Press

Stav, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Grazia, Croatia
UM, Urban Magazine, Bosnia & Hercegovina
CaziCazi, Japan
China Daily, China
Danas, Serbia
EuroBlic, Serbia
Fashion China, China
Fashion magazine, Canada
New Review JAT Airways, Serbia
Fokus magazine, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Politika Daily, Serbia
Pool magazine, US
Tokyo Graffiti, Japan
WWD Japan, Japan
Re-Foto, Serbia

Online Press

Nuus, Hungary
Bigumigu, Turkey
Isuta, Japan
Dotthatspot, Croatia
Adriadaily, Serbia
Frrresh Magazine, Croatia
Kulturencentralen, Sweden
Mojarijeka, Croatia
Canvas Pantone, USA
Vizkultura, Croatia
Fashion Beauty Love, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Kidsaround, Ukraine
BingBangPouf, Canada
Boat-mag, UK
Designed, Serbia
Flare, Canada
OldMag, Turkey
Diane Pernet, France
Mondo, Bosnia & Hercegovina


2014 3rd prize, GRAPHIS, Photography Annual, New York
2009 3rd prize, JAT Airways competition, brand design, Belgrade Design Week, Serbia
2001 1st prize, A&B Sound display Kylie Minogue new album, Canada