Great Dragonfly Fairy

I was thrilled to be invited to collaborate with Svetlana and to support her project was a great way to spend chilly morning in Belgrade on the big blue Danube.


Dragonfly has been a subject of intrigue on every single continent. However, in most parts of the world it holds one universal meaning – it symbolizes a change. Not any kind of change but the change that comes from within ourselves, the change in the perspective of self-realization, the change that brings mental and emotional maturity. “Great dragonfly fairy” is a short experimental film which tries to express the importance of this inner change and the “flow” that one experiences while going through it.

Another thing to highlight is the technical aspect of the project. As a film photographer in a digital age, I wanted to question the position of analogue photography in today’s world. I shot this short film using Super 8 camera from the ‘80s and an old Kodak film and at the same time, I took the photos of my subject but I’ve manipulated the photos digitally – I added the dust, dirt, scratches and some vignetting as well so they would have the emphasized analogue aesthetics. I wanted to test if the results would be the same and more importantly if they would feel the same.

Dragonfly fairy: Emily Radosavljevic
Mask: Aleksandar Skoric Sasa
Photography assistant: Boris Jelocnik
Cinematography: Svetlana Mladenovic
Powered by: Kinopleme