Roth and Ramberg

In 2013 I lost my mom to heart disease, days after I found myself lost in tears and memories, something i never shared on social media. It was enough to have family and close friends around me to know, yet they were all amazing enough to offer support and listen my endless stories about her and our life prior to war in Sarajevo. One of these friends, she knows who she is, and her amazing mom, offered me to go to Canada and take a break from sorrow. I declined and beside money being an issue I just didn’t feel like traveling, yet the next day they bought the air ticket and off I was back to Canada after so many years.

While there I invited some of my good friends to join me for a day in the park where we had fun masking their little ones.

These photos have won award in Graphis Photography Annual 2014
Art direction: Roth and Ramberg and Sasa
Photography: Roth and Ramberg
More about the series and few behind the scenes photos here.