Vibrating sky

“Radioactive contamination cannot be detected if you don’t have the appropriate tools. “What cannot be seen does not exist !”

The goal of this video is to make it visible with poetry and philosophy, while the message is that behind the fear of the radioactive contamination, there is an unexpected source of hope, knowledge and beauty. However to access this new level of consciousness, we need to face the reality, cry out all the tears from our body, and reconsider the concept of atom. Masks here represent disintegration (decay) of the the human face into an animalistic shape, and make it poetically and beautifully modified. This reminds us that we are a pieces of larger puzzle “nature”, and that our actions have an impact on all the other species on this planet.”

Cris Ubermann


Art direction: Sasa, 86B210, Criss Ubermann
Dance: 86B210
Video: Cris Ubermann
Sound: Antropik